Office Hours: MWF 10-12 noon in BME 5.202O or by appointment

Research Focus

Zhang Laboratory is developing integrated photonic microsystems, semiconductor chips and nanotechnologies for imaging, sensing and regulating cellular processes critical to healthcare, environmental and defense applications. Current research focuses on developing tools and methods to understand and regulate complex biological networks critical to development and disease, and developing nano-micro fabricated photonic sensors for biomaterials characterization, fast pre-cancer detection and diagnosis. Nano-Micro scale science, Information, and Biomedicine are integrative components of Zhang's research that are used with advanced engineering tools to facilitate biomedical studies and develop point-of-care diagnostics for global health initiatives.

Research Interests   

  • Micro-electro-mechanical Systems (MEMS), Semiconductors and Nanomaterials
  • Micro-optical endoscopes for pre-cancer detections, nanophotonics
  • Biosensors, implantable medical devices

  Selected Publications  

  • K. Hoshino, A. Gopal, M. S. Glaz, D. A. Vanden Bout, and X. J. Zhang, Nanoscale fluorescence imaging with quantum dot near-field electroluminescence, Applied Physics Letters, 101, 043118, 2012.
  • Y. Lee, K. Hoshino, A. Alu, X.J. Zhang, Efficient directional beaming from small apertures using surface-plasmon diffraction gratings, Applied Physics Letters, 101, 041102, 2012.
  • K. Hoshino, P. Cheng, Y. Huang and X.J. Zhang, Computational analysis of immunomagnetic rare cell separation from a particulate blood flow, Analytical Chemistry, 84, 4292-4299, 2012.
  • Y. Wang, M. Raj, G. Bhave, B. Yang, S. McGuff, T. Shen and X.J. Zhang, Portable oral cancer detection using miniature confocal imaging probe with large field of view, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 22, 065001, 2012.
  • Y. Wang, K. Kumar, L. Wang, X.J. Zhang, Monolithic integration of binary-phase fresnel zone plate objectives on 2-axis scanning micromirrors for compact microscopes, Optical Express, 20, 6, pp.6657-6668, 2012
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