BME Confocal/Two Photon Microscope

The Department of Biomedical Engineering operates a shared multiphoton/confocal microscope for use by both internal UT Austin users and external users. The system is a Bruker (previously Prairie Technologies) Ultima IV, an upright microscope with capabilities for intra vital imaging. The system has four multiphoton imaging channels used with excitation from the tunable femtosecond laser (690–1040nm; MaiTai HP, Spectra Physics) and three confocal imaging channels used with excitation from four selectable laser lines (405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 643nm). Special features include resonant scanners for video rate imaging; automated specimen stage with large scan range; integrated epifluorescence; high speed shuttering via pockel cell scanning.

Beginning September 1, 2017, the rates to use the microscope are:

Unassisted users: $45/hr
Assisted users: $80/hr

• Training (assisted use) is required for first-time users and is recommended for experienced users who are performing an unfamiliar operation.

• Listed fees are for UT Austin campuses only. All external users please contact Lori Guerra for non-UT Austin rates.

Warning: This system includes several lasers and may be hazardous if used improperly or by untrained personnel. Before reserving this microscope, you are required to complete laser safety training (OH304). By requesting to use this microscope you are acknowledging that you have received that training and are assuming all risks associated with using this microscope.



Requests should be at least made 24 hours in advance, Monday through Friday between 8:30am– 4:30pm.

photo of confocal microscope