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Photo of Noble-Haeusslein, Linda
Office Location: SEA 5.226

Linda Noble-Haeusslein


Department Research Area:
Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering
Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics

Translational neuroscience research in the field of neurotrauma.

Dr. Noble is working to develop targeted therapeutics that will improve recovery after traumatic spinal cord and pediatric brain injuries. Her research relies on cellular, molecular and behavioral tools to identify key mechanisms underlying early cell injury that impair recovery processes in preclinical models of neurotrauma. This multifaceted approach has led to the discovery of new pharmacologic and stem-cell based therapeutics that ameliorate several key features of spinal cord injury; namely, bladder and locomotor dysfunction and central neuropathic pain.

More recent research includes a novel model of concussion to the gyrencephalic adolescent brain where the early immune response may render the brain more vulnerable to repeat insults. In addition, she is addressing the cross-talk between the injured pediatric brain and the microbiome which may give rise to long-term changes in social behaviors.