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M.S. in Engineering Degree Options

As a research-driven department, our primary focus is the doctoral degree program. We do not anticipate admitting students to the standalone master's program for fall 2023 entry. If you are considering a Ph.D. as a terminal degree, we strongly suggest you apply directly to the doctoral program. A master's degree is not required to apply for the doctoral program. 

Our graduate program offers two pathways to earn a master's degree (for already admitted B.S. and medical students), which are detailed below. For requirements beyond what is provided here, see the Graduate Program Handbook

B.S. BME/M.S. Integrated Program

For current students majoring in biomedical engineering at UT Austin, we offer a B.S. BME/M.S.E. Integrated degree. This program allows students to earn both a bachelor's of science degree in biomedical engineering and master's of science degree in engineering in five years. Entrants to the program may choose to complete a master's degree with coursework or a master's degree with thesis. Current UT Austin undergraduate students majoring in biomedical engineering apply to the program in their junior year. 

MD/M.S. Dual Degree Program

In collaboration with Dell Medical School, we offer an M.S. degree specifically designed for current medical students. Dell Medical students can choose the biomedical engineering M.S. to fulfill requirements in year 3, also known as the Growth Year. The overarching goal of the program is to produce physicians who are able to practice medicine and biomedical research with the quantitative analytical skills of an engineer. Current medical students apply to the program during year 2. 

Clinical Innovation and Design Fellowship

The Clinical Innovation and Design Fellowship is a collaborative effort between Dell Medical School and the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Under the mentorship of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, clinicians, and business experts, fellows complete a nine-month team-based project to translate human needs into solutions. 

Fellows practice design thinking and are involved in all aspects of medical device development and innovation, from needs assessment and analysis of current solutions to prototyping and business plan development. 

Application to this program is restricted to current Dell Medical School students in their third year and B.S. BME/M.S. Integrated students in their fifth year. Medical students may complete this program as a distinction or as a component of the MD/M.S. Dual-Degree program. Integrated students complete this program as a component of the master's degree. 

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