A new high-tech mattress, from the lab of Professor Kenneth Diller, tricks people into falling asleep faster by manipulating the body's core temperature. Our body temperature changes according to a natural 24-hour rhythm and a lower core temperature helps to trigger sleepiness. Wales Online, August, 2022. 

A new high-tech mattress is able to trick people into falling asleep faster, researchers have claimed.

The innovative mattress, developed by a group of engineers at the University of Texas, Austin, works by manipulating the body’s core temperature. Yahoo News, July 2022.

A stick-on patch that can take an ultrasound scan of a person’s insides as they go about their daily life has been hailed as a revolution in medical imaging. Dr. Nanshu Lu, a biomedical engineer at The University of Texas at Austin who was not involved in the study, said the patch was a “significant breakthrough toward mobile and ambulatory ultrasound imaging." The Guardian, July 2022.

Meet Brandon Bakka, a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin, who takes leadership roles in creating engagement and learning processes around LGBTQ+ topics for both students and faculty. SPIE, June 2022.

Meet Andrew Stier, a machine-learning specialist, podcaster, and champion of inclusive, representative recruitment and active employer support. SPIE, June 2022.

Researchers including, Amy Brock, are blending tools from developmental biology with technologies such as cell sorting and CRISPR to gain fresh insight into cancer. Nature, March 2022.

Heart attacks and strokes triggered by electrical misfiring in the heart are among the biggest killers on the planet. Now, researchers have created a “liquid wire” that, when injected into pig hearts, can guide the organs to a normal rhythm. Science, March 2022.

Heated gloves are one luxury some use to stay warm in the winter. Texas BME Professor Kenneth Diller is among the experts who weigh in and describe how heat transfers in the body when we're cold. (His research shows that the tissue that regulates body temperature is primarily located along the spinal cord). Learn what's most important to stay warm this season. NBC News, January 2022. 

Dr. Amy Brock and her team describe a tumor cell tracking system that aims to understand cancer treatment resistance in a paper from Nature Cancer. (Multiple outlets, August 2021)

Professor George Georgiou and other experts discuss COVID-19 antibody therapy discovery, development, and challenges for Nature.com. October 21, 2020.